Still from the "Like The End Of The World" video.

Susanne Kelly is FUR FOR FAIRIES on this new rock and roll album produced by Jeff Kelly.  The CD will be released in a beautiful eco wallet edition by Green Monkey Records next month.  Often, funky, hard rocking and even a little bit jazzy in places, this record is very different than Jeff and Susanne's quieter, more introspective, BY RECKLESS MOONLIGHT.  "We were listening to a lot of soul music and lots of swinging Blue Note stuff from the mid-sixties like Lou Donaldson when we recorded this," says Jeff.  "I also got a new studio set-up which enabled me to do some interesting things that I couldn't do in the past, which gives it a fresh sound." Susanne's lusty, earthy vocals also guarantee this isn't a Green Pajamas record though Jeff does sneak in some PJs like electric guitar here and there..

You can see the album/video trailer right HERE or view it on YouTube.  

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Debut album cover.



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