Susanne Kelly's true story of being walked home by Ted Bundy when she was six years old is the latest Fur For Fairies single, I Didn't Know (b/w Into The Woods).  Produced by Jeff, it is available to stream or buy here on the Green Monkey Records Bandcamp Page .

Susanne: "People are always horrified when I tell them that Ted Bundy walked me home from my friend’s birthday party when I was about six years old. I used this terrifying juxtaposition as framework for a song about guilt. I didn’t ever talk with my friend about how she felt after finding out her mother’s boyfriend “Ted” was Ted Bundy. I still feel guilt about that. That same birthday I cheated on a party game – guilt again. Guilt I felt as a child and guilt as an adult woman who doesn’t always do the right thing."  

You can see the beautiful (if slightly spooky video) right HERE.

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