The Goblin Market

    The Goblin Market is Laura Weller and Jeff Kelly. Their music draws inspiration from art and literature. The songs on their first album, GHOSTLAND, focused on 19th Century England and Pre-Raphaelite poetry and painting. Their second record, HAUNTED, features songs inspired by the writings of American author Joyce Carol Oates, especially her more "gothic" short stories and novels. 

With their 2012 album, Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky, Jeff and Laura once again visit the 19th Century and the haunted work and lives of the Brontë sisters.  You can listen to and download the record HERE.

You can hear and buy Ghostland and Haunted at The Goblin Market website. 

The digital-only album, Live At The Showbox, features songs from Ghostland, recorded in 2002 when the band - Laura and Jeff, two string players and percussionist - opened for Jonathan Richman as he came through Seattle on tour in April of that year.  You can get it here: LIVE AT THE SHOWBOX.



"The CD is terrific... The music is haunting and mysterious, and very beautifully executed." - Joyce Carol Oates

"The moodiness, the use of acoustic guitars, piano, and the delicate vocals drench the songs in shadow like a weeping willow from one of Oates' stories." - Mason Jones,

"With strong tunes and a theme that unifies but doesn't overwhelm the music, HAUNTED is as good as...any music released in 2005." - Michael Toland, High Bias

**** "...recommended listening for those who'd like to check out music that acknowledges the dark side of life..." - Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide 


On Ghostland...

"GHOSTLAND crackles with the same morbid Pre-Raphaelite sexual static one imagines buzzed from Christina Rossetti's Stockings." - Steward Lee, The London Sunday Times

"For his part, Kelly accomplishes what no Engish professor ever could: giving me an appreciation of the work of Emily Brontë." - Adam McKibin 

"A perfect record, as such a talented cast would lead us to imagine." - Enrico Ramunni, Rockerilla, Italy


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