Magnet: Film At 11 feature

August 23, 2011


Forged in 1984 by a reverence for the Beatles’ 1966 single “Rain,” the Green Pajamas have pretty much stayed within the friendly confines of psychedelic/folk rock for most of their storied career. Until now. For the past decade, Pajamas founders Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross have been kicking around the idea of doing a country album. But “Pass Me Another Whiskey,” the first single from Green Pajama Country (Green Monkey), doesn’t sound much like Buck Owens, Johnny Cash or George Jones. Rather, a bearded Kelly—who sat wide-eyed as a young kid when his dad played country sounds on the car radio—cuts loose here with something closer to an American-gothic-style backwoods wail. Watch the video for “Pass Me Another Whiskey” below, and read our 2009 Q&A with Kelly.


Jud Cost
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