Musical Geniuses Who Should Be Household Names (Part One)

We've all got a few favorite artists who we think should be superstars but no-one else seems to have heard of. Here's part one of the Active Listener's selection of musical geniuses that the masses have yet to discover. More to follow soon.
Got your own selection of musical geniuses that you want the world to know about? Send it through to and we'll see what we can do to publish it here.

Jeff Kelly
The prolific Jeff Kelly's first outfit the Green Pajama's started out with cassette only releases in 1984, and have released over 20 amazingly consistent albums since. Initially lumped in with the Paisley Underground scene, the Green Pajama's were more heavily influenced by the U.K psychedelic scene of the late sixties than their peers and managed to capture the late sixties period flavor far more authentically than anyone else on the scene at the time. They've since progressed through psychedelia to jangle rock to folk rock to country rock on their latest. In the meantime Kelly has also released a number of solo albums in more of a singer songwriter mould which highlight his lyrical songwriting and Tom Petty-ish voice better than the Pajamas material, and as Goblin Market, he also has two ( soon to be three ) albums of acid folk under his belt.
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