Albums To Cherish: Death By Misadventure

At the outset, I am quite prepared to accept that this band is an acquired taste, but it is a taste I came to
love fairly quickly.  When sorting this into my collection (for, as a true geek, I categorise all of my albums), I decided after much thought to file it in the section marked "The Decemberists meet The Flaming Lips in a Rumanian tavern" - a little-used category, it has to be said .... indeed, this is the only album in it so far!
This, in itself, is a surprise, as this is the THIRTIETH (yep!) album by the band under this and other guises. Hailing from Seatlle, Washington, Death By Misadventure, is built around the epic song cycle, starting with The Fall of the Queen Bee. This peculiar assortment of songs  takes place in her colony and includes the ultimate death of The Queen and her court by decadent misadventure. This is, of course, a fictional work, and any resemblance to real people living, dead or otherwise, is completely intentional.
As I said, an album you have to live with a while, but one that pays real dividends with repeated listens


John Storer