Green Pajamas, The Jilly Rizzo and The Fentons...

An impromptu night out Saturday May 18th landed me south of downtown Seattle at Slim’s Last Chance. This was my first time in this now legendary club. It think it’s even cozier than Darrel’s Tavern that’s about as far north as Slim’s is south to downtown Seattle. Slim’s is cozy, intimate and very friendly.


I arrived just in time to see Seattle legends Green Pajamas. I remember listening to Green PJs back in the late eighties so seeing them after twenty-five years was a trip down proverbial memory lane. Green PJs aren’t a band you get up and dance to but rather a band you sit back and absorb. They have a poppy yet folky style of music with heart stopping male/female harmonies. Often their songs reminded me of Camper Van Beethoven. This seven-piece band is highly versatile, with various members swapping instruments throughout. The Green Pajamas’ current lineup includes founding members Kelly and Ross (on guitar and bass respectively), longtime member Eric Lichter (keyboard), Laura Weller (guitar) and Scott Vanderpool (drums). I was totally blown away and in awe of being in the presence of such musical prowess.

Entire review (with photos) of all three bands is HERE.



Holly Homan