Mojophenia Reviews NOVEMBER

Guitar driven Power-Pop was really quite obscure during the late 80′s, almost bordering on retro or even semi-nostalgic, that’s geographically speaking of course. I lived an hour’s drive from London, so trying to evaluate Seattle’s colourful music scene during this period, especially in the dark ages of pre-Google would have been a feat in whimsical determination, probably guess work at the very least. Melodic similarities aside, my collection of DayGlo flexi-discs and an unhealthy fascination with John Peel’s weekly playlists which included ‘Television Personalities’,'The Times’ and ‘Teenage Filmstars’, these small nuggets of audio pleasure pointed me in a similar direction to what Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross were doing with their band across the pond. It’s 1987, Seattle pre-Grunge period and ‘The Green Pajamas’ are already producing some astonishingly animated Indie, almost a generalization in sound which would later become an underlying vein in today’s crop of Alt-Pop romantics. Scoring regional success over time with 30+ albums, this release showcases the band’s collective stage confidence, the raw mastering and minimal audience noise really gives you an insight into the studio frolics of The Green Pajamas. I’d normally attach the obligatory ‘For fans and collectors alike’ tag to a ‘live’ release but this deserves much more than mere puritan advice, ‘November’ is a vintage slice of independent joy and yet somehow, it still maintains a modern authenticity – Seattle should be very privileged.