" THE GREEN PAJAMAS Death by Misadventure LP (Sugarbush)
I expect most readers will be familiar with The Green Pajamas, who were formed in the 1980s and have built up a loyal fanbase in the psych-pop world ever since. Sugarbush Records have released a limited edition green vinyl version of their album Death by Misadventure, which was released on CD a few years ago and has only ever been available on CD format until now. This album falls very loosely under the psych-pop umbrella, belonging to the genre whilst disregarding its formulas and conventions, and encompassing a vast variety of styles and moods whilst remaining recognisably The Green Pajamas throughout. You Can't Look is noisepop with a dark psychedelic edge. Ring Around the Sun is hazy, dreamlike psych-pop. The Universe is Full of Noise sounds cinematic or theatrical, with a dark, sleazy tone. The Queen's Last Tango begins as what is effectively psychedelic tango, setting vivid, dramatic lyrics to a luxurious, decadent atmosphere. The piece then morphs into a frantic instrumental, blistering with an on-edge urgency. The Queen Bee is Dead has the air of twisted fairground music or dark cabaret. A Piece of a Dream is hard rocking powerpop combined with a soaring, ethereal, psychedelic atmosphere. Carrie is brilliant super-melodic psych-pop, really catchy and well crafted. Christabel is a slice of eerie balladry, as if addressed to a ghost.
This is an album where the lyrics are of equal importance to the music, being poetically composed and painting a vivid picture. The album is also perfectly titled, encapsulating the sombreness inherent in the idea of death, and the impish naughtiness and decadence suggested by the word misadventure, all of which are an integral part of the music. The artwork is also well chosen, reflecting moods and atmospheres found within the songs. The front cover painting is like a modernist interpretation of Pre-Raphaelite art, whilst the back cover's sepia photograph of a ringmaster in clownish face paint echoes the entertainment forms with historic roots that inform much of the music. Pre-Raphaelites and circuses might not immediately have much in common, but you get the connection when you hear the album. The Green Pajamas don't make rose-tinted psych-pop, they make sepia-tinted psych-pop, the songs acting as snapshots of 19th century realism. Only 250 copies of this album were pressed, which I expect will sell out in double quick time, so don't dawdle with those orders! Available at "

There are also limited copies available in the U.S. here: GREEN MONKEY RECORDS

Kim Harten
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