Kill The Power by The Green Pajamas
Feb 25, 2017
This video begins very angry but ends very upbeat: It re-enforces the idea of "killing" the current fascist leaning U.S. government, by way of persistent and peaceful protest.
When Juliet Smiles
Jan 13, 2017
Jeff and Laura sing "When Juliet Smiles" from TO THE END OF THE SEA in this music video starring Carrie Von Kiel.
Sea Of Secrets Video!
Nov 24, 2016
Laura Weller performing her song, Sea Of Secrets, from the album, To The End Of The Sea, with Phil Hirschi.
Ten Million Light Years Away
Sep 3, 2016
From the album, TO THE END OF THE SEA, by The Green Pajamas.
The Green Pajamas at Terrastock 4
Mar 19, 2016
Full show, live at the Showbox, November 2000.
14th Night by Fur For Fairies
Feb 20, 2016
Jeff Kelly's, 14th Night, as interpreted by FFF.
I Didn't Know by Fur For Fairies
Nov 24, 2015
Produced by Jeff Kelly.
She Says NO
Sep 12, 2015
Fur For Fairies, "She Says No"
If I Kissed An Angel
Aug 28, 2015
Fur For Fairies, "If I Kissed An Angel."
Sea Of Cortez (A Bourbon Lament) by Fur For Fairies
Aug 23, 2015
Susanne Kelly sings a Jeff Kelly composition from the new Fur For Fairies album on Green Monkey Records.